Every spring, instinct and passion drive me towards untouched nature. You are able to see first insects flying, the sweet warmth of the sun, the plants that grow … precisely, the plants, and what plants!
I want to write about wild orchids.
There are thousands of species, scattered all over the world but I want to focus on those that I found and photographed between Liguria and Piedmont
I speak of about 40 species, each one different in all aspects but beautiful
They grow in various habitats, can be found in meadows, woodlands, near waterways almost for the whole year
Unfortunately every year I’m a witness of the slaughter that occurs by some “colleagues” or just simple excursionist
Remember that they are plants protected by law and MUST NOT be cut off
We are all just visitors here on our planet,  think about of future generations who, through our fault, might not see these wonders of nature with own eyes

Do as I do, camera, smartphone, anything but not the knife or scissors 😉

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