Cteniza sauvagesi (Mygale noire de Corse)

Here I am to write the short story of Corsican trap door spider (Cteniza sauvagesi)

You all know that Corsica offers a beautiful sea, endless beaches, excellent food and wine but ..How many of you have only heard of Corsican trapdoor spiders ?????
Maybe some persons with the predisposition for nature …
Let’s do some light;)
Corsican endemism, also present in Sardinia (perhaps Sicily) but poorly studied and known
The arachnid in question is a mygalomorph, Ctenizidae family the dimensions are medium (max 25mm only body), the color is dark and lives inside the burrow that builds in the ground, often on vertical walls like road edges
The peculiarity lies in the fact that in addition to the burrow also builds a door that is attached at the top that in addition to making it virtually invisible even to an expert eye serves as protection against some predators like spider wasps (Pompilidae)
Inside of the den is completely covered with silk to prevent any infiltration of earth or dust
During the day the spider remains at the bottom of the den but during the night things changes …
It approaches the door, opens it slightly and waits for prey
Any animal (cockroach, grasshopper and any kind of insects) steps near the capture with a lightning snap (almost invisible to the naked eye) and drag it inside, you should be able to imagine the outcome 😉
After the prey has been captured the animal withdraws to the bottom of the den and the door closes for gravity … AWESOME BEAST!

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